Server Installation

How To Install Your Server Operating System,

Here Is A Complete Tutorial How You can Install Your Dedicated Server For The First Time And Every Time You Need To Install.

Step 1: Make Account At Server Club Management Portal And Provide Your Account To Support Team So They Can Link Your Dedicated Server To Your Account.

Step 2: Once Your Dedicated Server Linked To Your Account You Can Login Here

Step 3: Move To My Servers Tab And Select Your Server Which You Want To Install.

Step 4: Select Manage 

Step 5: Select The Action Install 

Step 6: Select The Operating System Any One Which You Need To Use

Step 7: Select Any Defualt User Name And Password For First Time Root Setup.

Step 8: Finaly Click On install Operating System And You Should Ready To See Installation Mode On.Now Wait For 30-60 Minutes To Server Get Install.

Step 9: Server Installed Now And You Need To Use SSh Putty Client And Acess Using Defualt Logins That you Used At The Time Of Installation.

For Example:        User: serverclub    Pass: 123456

Step 10: Its Time to Setup Root Acess Enables It Using Your Default Logins with Putty.

Setting Up Root Password And SSh Acess

>> Login Using Default Username And password Then Type The Following Comands

# Sudo Su

It Will Ask For The Default Username Password

Type In the Password And hit Enter If the Password Is Right You Can Login

Then Type Cd For Current Directory.

Solution is to edit sshd_config…

:~# nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config    copy and paste this comand to putty using mouse right click and hit enter the nano comand will open the sshd configs and then edit the permit root login to “yes”

once you replaced with yes use your keyboards keys

Ctrl+z then yes and hit save

after all done please restart your ssh services with this comand

service ssh restart

Step 11: Once You Enable Your Root Access Login As Root And You Are Ready To Use your Dedicated Servers Any Where In Your Services.

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