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Your management console includes a monitoring system that notifies you by email or SMS regarding potential anomalies.

Our monitoring system checks your server every 5 minutes and sends an alert if an issue arises.

An email alert is sent for the following services:

  • Ping ⇒ Verification that your server replies to “ping”
  • HTTP ⇒ Verification that your httpd answers
  • SSH ⇒ Verification that your SSH server is responds
  • DNS ⇒ Verification that your DNS server works correctly
  • FTP ⇒ Verification that your FTP server works
  • SMTP ⇒ Verification of your SMTP server
  • IMAP ⇒ Verification of your IMAP server
  • POP ⇒ Verficaiton of your POP server
  • RDesktop ⇒ Verification of the availability of Remote Desktop
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