DEDICATED SERVER’s servers are fully dedicated and come with a panel of tools making their administration much easier.
There is no virtualization technology or shared resources that would make you dependent of the usage that would be done by other customers.

Feel free to check our FAQ for more informations.


The network has been designed to offer the best performance and a maximum of availability combined with simplified user experience.


Online provides many backup options, including a free 100GB FTP backup space with each dedicated server. More information can be found on the


A monitoring system verifies every 5 minutes the availability of your server and its associated services.

Notifications are sent by email, or text message.

More information can be found on the monitoring of your dedicated server page.

Configuration of a hardware RAID


All servers with a hardware RAID have an interface available in your management console for changing the RAID mode automatically.
You can find more information in our documentation about the RAID configuration.


In order to change the RAID configuration of server via KVM, you will need to log into your console and go to the administration page of your server:

Server> Server List> Configure (select the server whose RAID configuration you want to change),

Two types of changes are possible, depending on the brand of the server

Operating systems

All of the dedicated servers includes virtualization technology directly integrated in the processor to provide you the best performances to run your virtualized applications.


Technical assistance


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