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How To Install Your Server Operating System, Here Is A Complete Tutorial How You can Install Your Dedicated Server For The First Time And Every Time You Need To Install. Step 1: Make Account At Server Club Management Portal And Provide Your Account To Support Team So They Can Link Your Dedicated Server To Your Account. Step 2: Once Your Dedicated Server Linked To Your […]


DEDICATED SERVER’s servers are fully dedicated and come with a panel of tools making their administration much easier. There is no virtualization technology or shared resources that would make you dependent of the usage that would be done by other customers. Feel free to check our FAQ for more informations. Network The network has been designed to offer the best performance and a maximum of […]


How to choose your distribution The distributions proposed at the installation are dependent on the usage you plan to do with your Dedicated server Some distributions mentioned in the documentation may not be available for all servers. Don’t hesitate to contact the technical assistance if you have any question about the availability of a distribution on a certain kind of server. We have grouped the […]


DISTRIBUTION FEDORA Fedora is a GNU/Linux distribution based on the RPM system, it is developed by a community and supported by Red Hat. Fedora is a system composed entirely of free software, it is based on the Red Hat Linux distribution. New versions are released in relatively short intervals. It follows them of Gnome, which is about each 6 months. Fedora 27 You can find […]


DISTRIBUTION CENTOS CentOS is a GNU/Linux distribution. All packages are compiled using the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Therefore it is totally compatible with Red Hat (more than 99.999 %). CentOS is like a free version of Red Hat. The support is done using the mailing-lists and the forums by the community of CentOS. Official site Forums Mailing lists Available versions Version EOL 7 […]


WINDOWS SERVER Windows Server is an operating system developed by Microsoft and specially designed for usage on servers. It can be used for various tasks including: Sharing of files Management of Active Directory Virtualization (Hyper-V) WEB server (IIS) etc … It is available in 3 different versions at Windows Server 2003 This version of Windows server is unfortunately no longer maintained, neither by […]


MICROSOFT® WINDOWS® ServerClub Dedicated Servers   PRICING (MONTHLY LEASE)   Microsoft® Windows Standard 2012 R2 €32.99 /month Microsoft® Windows Datacenter 2012 R2 €219.99 /month Microsoft® Windows Standard 2008 R2 €32.99 /month Microsoft® Windows Datacenter 2008 R2 €219.99 /month   TERMS Our installations and Microsoft Windows licenses are offered without maintenance or technical support.


DISTRIBUTION UBUNTU Ubuntu is a non commercial GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian and launched in 2004. As Ubuntu is based on Debian, it uses the same architecture and packet manager. We recommend you to use a LTS version (Supported during a long time: 5 years for servers, 3 years for desktop versions). Security updates are not guaranteed for the versions that are no longer maintained. […]

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